Tenya Ali - October 15 2020

5 Brands With A Voice 

5 Brands Driving for Change on their Social Media 

5 Brands Driving for Change In Women's Rights and Body Pos

The fashion industry is changing and social activism is on trend. 

This past year has forcibly shined light on a wasteful industry, from unnecessary travel due to fashion week to textile waste - the fashion industry has a bad wrap. In an oversaturated market, fashion brands have scrambled through 2020 to adopt socially conscious strategies. 

Many companies are now pivoting their marketing strategies as their supply chains are under scrutiny. Although, these brands are not as comfortable in discussing their political stance as they are in creating environmental transparency. 

There are however a handful of brands that have stood quiet and been pioneers advocating for diversity and inclusivity by informing consumers and encouraging better shopping habits.     

1.Girlfriend Collective  

Not only do the Girlfriend Collective take care of the people who make their product but they also take care of you. With high stakes in how they represent all shapes and sizes, this eco-friendly activewear brand does not discriminate when it comes to matters of the planet or a woman's body. 

Using their social media platform to equalise representations of beauty as well as host virtual conversations on topics such as motherhood, allyship and wellness.

Girlfriend Collective Activewear Pregnant
Girlfriend Collective Activewear Curves
Girlfriend Collective Activewear Group Photo
Girlfriend Collective Activewear Selfie


Through textile innovation and science PANGAIA aims to solve the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Using botanical dyes and recycled water bottles, PANGAIA provides stylish and thoughtful clothing designed for a sustainable future. Their highly engaged Instagram account is used to amplify messages from individuals and communities who are making a positive impact by giving a platform to share these stories through #PANGAIAChangemakers.  .

Clothing that promotes sustainability PANGAIA 
Clothing that promotes sustainability PANGAIA 
Clothing that promotes sustainability PANGAIA 
Clothing that promotes sustainability PANGAIA 

3. Frank Body   

Australian made, vegan and cruelty free; Frank Body is a home grown natural skin care brand that isn’t afraid of being real or raw. Sharing images of stretch marks, body hair and pimples they help to normalise and love the skin we all live in.   

Frank Body Body Positivity
Frank Body Body Positivity
Frank Body Body Positivity Love Your Curves
Frank Body Love Your Curves

4. By Rotation   

By Rotation is a rental platform and app for designer fashion. Founder Eshita Kabra-Davies is passionate about empowering fashion consumers to make conscious wardrobe decisions through sharing. Eshita hosts an Instagram Live series “A glass of wine with…” with creatives, business women and influencers on @byrotation. Topics covered include sexual wellness, community building and representation in fashion.    

By Rotation Rental Clothing for Designer Fashion
By Rotation Rental Clothing for Designer Fashion
By Rotation Rental Clothing for Designer Fashion
By Rotation Rental Clothing for Designer Fashion

5. Eco Intimates  

Custom made in the heart of Byron Bay, Eco Intimates celebrates the female form in all shapes and sizes. Through natural photography and models, the bespoken labels “real girl campaign” depicts luxury lingerie in a way all women can relate to. 

Eco Intimates Byron Bay body positivity real girl campaign
Eco Intimates  Mother and Child Natural Photography
Eco Intimates  Body Positivity
Eco Intimates  Body Positivity

Consumer expectations are changing and a wave to support brands that stand for something has followed. Our dollar has power, so I urge you to use that power and shop brands who use their platform to empower. Fashion and beauty does not only have the power to make you feel and look good but has the ability to impact society and the world we live in.   

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