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Baller Blends Launch Party

Healthy doesn't need to compromise on taste  

Baller Blends Launch Party Kylee Collings

We were lucky enough to be invited to the excited launch of Baller Blends the newest addition in healthy treats that is a total must-have in the pantry.

Chief Baller, Kylee is known for her mouth-watering snackable delights and brand The Raw Baller. Kylee created Baller Blends so everyone can add nourishment, taste bud satisfaction and delight to snack time. After rolling out her beloved balls to some of the biggest brands in the biz such as lululemon, Myer and thirty Cafés across Brisbane, Kylee set out on a mission to make taste buds tingle from the moment pantries are opened. 

Imagine an event filled with delicious food, meaningful connections and amazing baller-blends treats paired with the ultimate gift box, and you've got yourself a Baller Blend Launch Party!

Kylee, has created a healthy brand that is fun and tastes amazing. "At Baller Blends, we believe eating healthy doesn’t have to taste ‘healthy’. And eating healthy doesn’t mean buying ingredients you-have-no-idea-how-to-pronounce."

What are the flavours?

FERRERO NO SHARE - Snack time just got a whole lot more nuts. These delectable bites of nutty comfort will melt in your mouth as you ride the wave of hazelnut all the way to the island of blissful satisfaction. If you ever wished there was a creamy, delicious AND healthy hazelnut ball to brighten up your day, you can bet your balls this blend is made for you.

COOKIE DOUGH-LICIOUS - Dough my! Did cookies just get...better? Because cookie dough just went from cheat, to treat. With each nibble of our Cookie Dough-licious Balls you will be hopskotch-ing back to those familiar times spent secretly devouring the gooey sugary goodness straight from the bowl. (Hey. No judgment.) Only this time? Despite it tasting totally naughty, it’s not.

MINT TO BE - Looks naughty. Tastes delicious. Allow us to introduce you to our Mint to Be Blend, pretty much a brownie in ball form. With this elixir of a mix, you’ll be rolling Balls like an absolute pro and have the jaw of your friends, family, and even Patricia from HR on the ground (Yes, Patricia. Healthy can taste so good).

Shop all your Baller Blends Treats Here: https://www.ballerblends.com/collections/products

Baller Blends Launch Party celebration group photo
Baller Blends Launch Party Bar Cart
Baller Blends Launch Party Sweet Treat
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