Tenya Ali - November 5 2020

Fashion For Everyone

Gender inclusive fashion is creating a middle ground for fashion and activism.

Fashion is not just for you, it's for everyone. 

The gender inclusive fashion movement is politically engaged. There is purpose behind neutral dress, rather than Jaden Smith just making a fashion statement. It is more than a fashion trend for you, it is activism for everyone. Clothing is the earliest form of gender representation. In a contemporary setting western societies use fashion as a form of self expression, whether a part of the fashion set or not. A need for diverse clothing that doesn't adhere to traditional gender stereotypes is in high demand. As trends come and go the line between men and women's fashion becomes more faded. From “boyfriend jeans” to Harry Styles in a floral suit, the boundaries and criticisms once placed on society are non existent. Fashion brands are now catching up with this idea and now offer non binary styles to suit all.

Where is the middle ground, is this fashion or activism?

There is nothing that new about celebrities experimenting with androgynous styling, however we are yet to get to a point that a man in a dress is as accepted as a woman in pants.

What is the effect of gender neutral fashion for the transgender community?

Fashion is a high commodity in shaping the ideologies of the world we live in, investing in gender neutral fashion will help shape an inclusive global community. Explore ambiguous fashion through these labels producing genderless dress below.