Hannah Asbury  -  November 23  2020

Melbourne Cup @ Tetto Rooftop

Melbourne Cup X Tetto Rooftop

Melbourne Cup at Tetto Rooftop 2020 Recap

Melbourne Cup was a questionable event this year to celebrate, due to the restrictions such as social distancing rules and venue capacities. However, The Business Collection team was lucky enough to celebrate this day at Tetto Rooftop Bar where we were accommodated with food and drinks for the entire day.

Upon arrival, we were greeted kindly by the event planner, Sammy Gibson, as well as a horse that was there for any pictures to be taken with.

When heading upstairs, the layout was beautiful, with a greenery wall for photos and a large golden statue of a horse.

Mia and I were shown to our seats where we had boxes filled with a variety of cheeses and crackers, as well as fruit (a very cute touch and in conjunction with COVID-19 rules to avoid contamination!) and throughout the day we had hot food offered around. The cocktail on arrival was sweet and refreshing, which was a perfect addition to the sunny day. Attached to each cocktail was a card with a random horse competing in the Melbourne Cup. This was a small competition that the venue had organised where random bets were made and whoever had the winning horse won. Unfortunately for myself and Mia - neither of us had the winning horse!

Tetto Rooftop Melbourne Cup 2020
Tetto Rooftop Melbourne Cup 2020
Tetto Rooftop Melbourne Cup 2020

Because we were seated at a larger table, we had the opportunity to meet other business owners, which was excellent for networking. Tetto created a fun and energetic atmosphere for everyone and the hosts for the day were extremely accommodating for everyone.

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