Taylor Gettings  -  November 23  2020

Minding Their Business X The Yot Club

2020's first post-covid networking event goes off with a splash  

Minding Their Business X The Yot Club

There’s no better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than on a yacht sailing down the Brisbane river.

Asides from every corner of the yacht been beautifully styled with greenery, photo walls, empowering floor decals and fancy dessert carts, the iconic networking event had an incredible guest speaker panel hosted by founder Katie Stevens. Covering all topics mental health, mindset, the power of momentum, and key attributes of building a successful brand.

With the sun setting over the backdrop of Brisbane city, it was the perfect place to network with like-minded men and women.

The panel included Rachel Dillon, founder of Bodies by Rachel and Crop Shop Boutique, Dan Hunjas, founder of Edge Marketing and business mentor and Elly Smith, director of Kind Mind co.

Minding Their Business X The Yot Club
Minding Their Business X The Yot Club
Minding Their Business X The Yot Club

The panel started by discussing how their businesses came to be and the driving force behind their success. Most importantly, they spoke about the journey to success. Dan said, "we live in a world of destination addiction when the focus should be on how we get there." Rachel agreed, "enjoy the journey, it’s the process you enjoy the most." When asked "how did you begin?" Rachel responded, "I’m either going to do it, or watch someone else do it," which really resonated with hopeful entrepreneurs in the audience. Mental health is often pushed aside in the name of success, but Elly is sure the two must work side by side, discussing how important it is to take care of your mental well-being. Starting her business during the pandemic, she saw the opportunity to help people improve their mental health and in the current circumstance it ended up being the perfect timing.

Ending the panel discussion, Katie Stevens asked what legacy they wanted to leave behind. Dan replied, "I want to be known by my ability of helping people, leaving the world a better place”. They all emphasised in the power of helping others and making a positive difference. Dan wrapped up the conversation with, “discomfort is how you achieve success”. The event carried into the evening, with countless opportunities to connect with like-minded, ambitious men and women, including photo opportunities with the guest speakers and live entertainment! 

Minding Their Business X The Yot Club
Minding Their Business X The Yot Club
Minding Their Business X The Yot Club
Minding Their Business X The Yot Club

The skill of asking for help or asking for advice is not talked about nearly enough. Success does not have to be achieved alone so this event allowed young entrepreneurs the opportunity to work together, collaborate and share knowledge and success with one another.

Minding Her Business events offer a platform for like-minded women to meet, collaborate and connect and be a part of an empowering and supportive community.

Head over to their Instagram @mindingherbusiness if you want to know more.

Some of our Favourite quotes from the event were:

“Discomfort is how you achieve success”  - Dan Hunjas
“I’m going to do it, or watch someone else do it kind mind” - Dan Hunjas
“Destination addiction” - Dan Hunjas
“Enjoy the journey it’s the process you enjoy the most” - Rachel Dillon
“Hire slowly, fire quickly” – Dan Hunjas
“Be adaptable, don’t have to know everything” – Dan Hunjas
“Help people, live the world a better place” – Dan Hunjas

Event photography by https://www.jaredvethaak.com.au/ and https://www.ayvee.com.au/

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