Hannah Asbury  -  November 23  2020

Plant Vibes Cafe

One of our top cafe picks in Brisbane!

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Nothing better than finding your next local coffee shop to stop in, get your coffee and have a chat to friendly staff. This part of your day becomes a ritual. So, we have you sorted! If you are located in the Bowen Hills area (or lets be real - located anywhere in Brisbane), stopping in at Plant Vibes Cafe is a MUST!

 A few weeks ago, the TBC Team was fortunate enough to visit one of Brisbane’s newest cafes located in Bowen Hills. Plant Vibes is a plant-based cafe serving breakfast and lunch along with specialty coffee.

Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane
Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane
Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane

When the TBC Team arrived at the cafe, we were kindly greeted by the staff and offered coffees. The refreshing iced tea that was provided was the perfect touch for a summer day and we were offered a range of options for food. We had the opportunity to taste meals from the breakfast and lunch menu.

Our top picks:

Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane

1. Home-made salted caramel granola, scooped cacao smoothie, coconut milk, berries and caramelised banana.

Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane

2. Fluffy gnocchi with cashew cream, mushrooms and dill.

Plant Vibes Cafe Brisbane

3. Homemade nutella and peanut butter bagel.

All the food was fresh and the staff were extremely friendly and considerate of all their customers. The atmosphere of the cafe was welcoming and enjoyable. While it was busy, there was a lot of space in the venue. The space allowed for everyone to have their own conversations and the staff were very efficient in regards to timing and much more.

The entire team enjoyed their time there and we are so excited to head back to Plant Vibes for a coffee and brunch in our own time!

The Business Collection Writer Hannah Asbury