“I Feel Sexy”.. The 3 words that rarely escape a woman’s mouth.

Why do we find it so hard as a woman to own our power and acknowledge when we feel confident and sexy? Is it because we have been conditioned to think any woman trying to look “sexy” is gasping for men’s attention? Or maybe it’s because as women when another woman looks “sexy” we tear them down as a defence mechanism?

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The Sex Jackpot – What’s your lucky number?

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s got crunk with my girlfriends listening the Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallions WAP.
It’s pretty damn empowering, rapping alongside to a song that celebrates a woman’s sex appeal, pleasure and dominant power. 

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Porn Taught Me Everything I know About Sex

The common conversation based around porn is usually so black and white, you are either pro-porn or anti-porn and there is not often an in-between discussion based around how porn can become beneficial and educate future generations and provide realistic expectations.

Porn has become one of the primary educational tools for sexual education in young adults. The average age of first exposure to porn is 11 years old. As many as 93.2% of boys and 62.1% of girls first see porn before the age of 18 years old.

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5 Brands With A Voice

The fashion industry is changing and social activism is on trend. 
This past year has forcibly shined light on a wasteful industry, from unnecessary travel due to fashion week to textile waste the fashion industry has a bad wrap. In an oversaturated market, fashion brands have scrambled through 2020 to adopt socially conscious strategies. 

Many companies are now pivoting their marketing strategies as their supply chains are under scrutiny. Although, these brands are not as comfortable in discussing their political stance as they are in creating environmental transparency. 

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Skinny Shaming is Not Okay!

My whole life, I’ve been tall and skinny. In my younger years, I was lanky and awkwardly taller than all my peers, like a baby giraffe still finding her legs. Now: I’ve found my legs – I’m still tall, and I’m still skinny – but I’ve come to find confidence in that, and in my body.
I’m also fit, and I’m healthy – and no, I don’t need to eat more burgers, thank you very much.

My whole life, people have felt entitled to comment on my body. Telling me I need to eat more. Telling me I’m too skinny. Telling me I have stick legs. Telling me I need to eat more burgers.

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Twenty-two things I’ve learnt from sex in my twenties

Take it from me ladies ... sex can open your eyes to the wonderful world of pleasure and sexual empowerment. Saying this, sex can be awkward, confusing and a tad bit messy.

Don’t believe the movies about sex being effortless. Your makeup won’t stay in place *cue panda eyes*, you won’t orgasm in 2 minutes just by a guy touching your thigh and/or slamming you with what he has too offer … it’s bull$%*^. You will occasionally punch someone in the face by accident and trust me, weird sounds will happen.


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Female Genital Mutilation | What is FGM?

Globally, more than 200 million girls have been the victim of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and a further 3 million girls are at risk of undergoing the procedure every year. FGM comprises of all procedures that involve partial or total removal of female genitalia for non-medical reasons. FGM is recognised internationally as a human rights violation and reflects the deep-rooted inequalities between men and women. The procedure is usually performed on girls aged 4 to 8 but can be performed on babies just a few days old.

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The "Beauty" Deception

The way you view yourself has become a dangerous thought due to the altercations technology has made to the standard of beauty and acceptable behaviours. Social media has become a dictator for what you should be feeling and how you should look.

It is saturated with photoshopped happiness, masquerading the suffocation of anxiety and depression. These filtered photos and fake feelings build a society to believe that social media is how everyone lives their lives. It is dedicated to altering a perception of someone and providing information you want to see, but not necessarily need to see. 

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Sexual Education
How our schooling system is failing to teach our young people

There is no question that teens are becoming sexually active at a younger age.

With 27.4% of year 10 students and 56.1% of year 12 students reporting participating in sexual intercourse. This has called for an increase in sexual health education for young people but why aren’t we seeing this in our schools?

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Body Positivity is the Only Way Forward

Instagram – Combatting the Highlight Reel

For a long time, women have been told by society that they should look a certain way.

In the past, television and magazines have been the main source of perpetuating these beauty and body image ideals. However, for young women in the 21st century, social media apps such as Instagram have become the most prominent and detrimental at reflecting our culture’s unrealistic beauty ideals.


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Fashion For Everyone

Gender inclusive fashion is creating a middle ground for fashion and activism.

The gender inclusive fashion movement is politically engaged. There is purpose behind neutral dress, rather than Jaden Smith just making a fashion statement.

It is more than a fashion trend for you, it is activism for everyone. Clothing is the earliest form of gender representation. In a contemporary setting western societies use fashion as a form of self expression, whether a part of the fashion set or not. A need for diverse clothing that doesn't adhere to traditional gender stereotypes is in high demand.

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2020/21 Stand Out Trends This Fashion Week

Although we technically start a new year on January 1st, in the world of fashion that new year begins in the month of September. 

September is chaotic to those who live within the world of fashion, as there is so much newness all squished into a time frame of 4 weeks you can barely keep up! Due to Covid-19, shows took a virtual approach this season and even though esteemed guests and onlookers could not be there in person, each and every designer made us feel like we were sitting front row whilst in the comfort of our own homes! 


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Our Bodies Our Choice

Breast augmentation is considered one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It’s seen as a procedure that can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 depending on many factors. The reasoning behind getting this type of procedure vary for every woman and there’s a big stigma on what those reasons are. It’s important that as a society these reasons stop being misconstrued.

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