Fashion For Everyone

Gender inclusive fashion is creating a middle ground for fashion and activism.

The gender inclusive fashion movement is politically engaged. There is purpose behind neutral dress, rather than Jaden Smith just making a fashion statement.

It is more than a fashion trend for you, it is activism for everyone. Clothing is the earliest form of gender representation. In a contemporary setting western societies use fashion as a form of self expression, whether a part of the fashion set or not. A need for diverse clothing that doesn't adhere to traditional gender stereotypes is in high demand.

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2020/21 Stand Out Trends This Fashion Week

Although we technically start a new year on January 1st, in the world of fashion that new year begins in the month of September. 

September is chaotic to those who live within the world of fashion, as there is so much newness all squished into a time frame of 4 weeks you can barely keep up! Due to Covid-19, shows took a virtual approach this season and even though esteemed guests and onlookers could not be there in person, each and every designer made us feel like we were sitting front row whilst in the comfort of our own homes! 


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