Waist up in the Zoom Age

It’s safe to say style has moved up a notch from the waist up due to the increase of Zoom meetings.

Whilst it's easy to stay in your activewear, getting office-ready at home can help you enter a far more productive mindset!

There has been a big shift towards made-to-last essentials verse the made-to-wear for a minute items since the reduction of gatherings.

To help you still feel stylish and make lasting impressions, we have picked some of our favourite zoom age pieces that will become your favourites when returning to the norm.

With all the Tiger King rage we couldn’t help but choose this animal print blouse from Sheike. Tie up a bow to give this Wild Things Blouse a bit of chic in your work wardrobe and undo for a more relaxed look whilst out with your girlfriends.

Sheike. $119.95

This Overture Pleat Ring Blouse from Aje adds a bit of cuteness with the pleated detailed and who doesn’t love a bit of puff on the sleeves to cover up the extra iso weight gain…I know I’m hiding mine atm..!

Aje: $325.00

Keep it simple for your casual Friday work drinks via zoom with this Knitted polo crop with a relaxed open collar by Bec and Bridge.


Ooooo who doesn’t like a good bargain? Kmart just doesn’t seem to ever fail us! Check out this long sleeve satin button top. It comes in our favourite Autumn/Winter colours - Truffle, Gold and Black!

Kmart: $10.00

Acler has launched their Cresler Shirt which is an effortless piece with elongated cuffs adding a hint of masculinity to these pieces.

Acler: $350.00

Styling you the label is all about feeling comfortable and confident! Their Rebel boho blouse is perfect to throw on without much thought for nearly every occasion. I love how this item could be dressed up and dressed down.

Styling you the label: $159.00

Written By Kulbinder Singh



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